Art is graded in grades 4th through 8th. Each assignment is given a grade of 0/1,2,3, or 4 based on a rubic.
A grade of 4 is the highest, 0 is the lowest.

The criteria is to listen and follow instructions, working and completing projects, artistic proficiency in various mediums, and creativity and appreciation of art styles.

4 – Consistently Listens and follows directions, is responsible with materials, completes project and cleans up after themselves. Finished project consistently shows creativity, neatness, and artistic proficiency with the lesson and medium(s) used.

3 – Usually listened and followed instructions. Completes project and cleans up after themselves. Usually demonstrates artistic proficiency with creativity and use of medium(s). Works to the best of their ability.

2- Partly listens and follows instructions, incomplete project. Occasionally does not clean up or demonstrate their creative ability. Occasionally demonstrates proficiency with use of medium(s).

0/1 – Does not listen or follow instructions. Project not completed when started.

Students present during class have ample time to complete project. If needed to finish outside class, they usually have a week to finish on their own. I am also available during recess time.