Before/After School Program

There is a one time $35.00 registration fee for CARES. This fee does not need to be paid each year.

Morning CARES begins at 6:30 A.M. and we charge $8 for one child and $10 for two children – add an additional $1 for each additional child after 2. Morning CARES is held in the PreK classroom.

Afternoon CARES is available from dismissal till 6:00 p.m. If your child is picked up by 4:30 the cost is $6 (add an additional $1 per child – ex. 2 children the cost is $7). If your child is picked up after 4:30 the cost is $10 (add an additional $1 per child).

Afternoon CARES is held in the school gym. On Wednesday afternoon, due to PREP classes, CARES moves over to the basement in the Middle School Building at 4:30. The students in grades 1-8 go into the homework room (usually the Music room) and do homework before free play time. Kindergarten students stay in the gym to do homework. Students are given a snack and drink at 4:30. When weather permits we will take the students outside to play.  Three adult supervise the afternoon CARES.

With the children’s safety and well being in mind, it is MOST important that the parent fills out an emergency card, and then adheres to the instructions given. One of the most important regulations concerns the child leaving the premises of the CARES Program.

  • Parents or guardians should not take the children from the schoolyard or other areas without notifying the staff and SIGNING OUT the child.
  • Parents or guardians should not send persons who are not listed on the emergency card. For the child’s safety, the release will not be granted.


A scheduled homework period with the teacher/aides will be provided. It is the child’s responsibility to have his/her assignments and books. Children may not go back to their classroom to get these items. Parents are responsible for checking the child’s homework before they return to school the following day.

Illness or Accident

  • In cases, which appear to be of a minor nature, first aid will be administered on the premises. Medication will not be administered by mouth unless both a written statement from a physician detailing method, amount and time schedule and a written statement from parent authorizing the staff to assist child in taking the medication, are on file.
  • In cases, which appear serious, an effort will be made to carry out the instructions as given on the emergency card.
  • If the home does not supply adequate emergency instructions or if the instructions cannot be followed at the time of the emergency, the CARES staff will act according to their best judgment for the welfare of the child.

Fees and Pick Up

Additional areas of parental responsibility are the matters of prompt fee payment and prompt pick up in the late

The program is entirely financed by a yearly fee, paid each week. Regular and prompt payment will assure the continuation of personnel and the provisions of ample supplies, equipment and snacks.

If a parent or guardian fails to meet the CARES program fee payment, due on the first day of the week, the child will not be allowed to continue in the program.

A $10.00 charge will be assessed for all returned checks.

Staff members are employed only until 6:00 p.m. It is only common courtesy to respect the time of closure. A fee of $1.00 a minute after 6:00 p.m. will be expected for late pick ups.

Fee Schedule

$35 Registration Fee
PM CARES (3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
$50 A Week 1 Child
$55 A Week 2 Children
$60 A Week 3 or More Children
$10 A Day 1 Child
$11 A Day 2 Children
$12 A Day 3 or More Children
$6 An Hour 3:30 to 4:30
AM CARES (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.)
$8 A Day 1 Child
$10 A Day 2 Children
Early (12 Noon) Dismissal Days
$8 If picked up by 2:30
$15 If picked up after 2:30
Add one dollar for each additional child.