Parents As Partners

Executive Committee

Pastor: Father Riegler
School Principal: Robin Conboy
President: William Bowen
Vice President: Brandy Voytko
Secretary: Richard Gillin
Social Treasurer:
Fundraising Treasurer: John McHale

Volunteer Units

The volunteer process for school events will be changing for the 2014-2015 school year.  The purpose of the change is to allow parents to know more about the PAPA events, to provide an opportunity to collaborate and plan events and to participate in events they choose.  Our goal is to be more transparent in the financial and operational aspects of PAPA events.  We hope to reduce the amount of paperwork and lessen the burden on the people who previously volunteered as event chairs.

For parents who want to receive the maximum tuition credit they must earn 4 credits.  In most cases, volunteering for an event will earn 1 credit.  Parents who attend 50% of either Social or Fundraising committee meetings will get 1 credit.  Any family member can attend.  If parents attend every meeting, they can earn 2 credits.  Fundraising and Social Committees meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 in the school classrooms.

There will no longer be committee chairs; instead the committee will oversee the events.  A PAPA board member will oversee each committee.

PAPA Committees

PAPA Events Calendar

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